Friday, June 22, 2007

DJ MFC in the Wild

Weddings, weddings, weddings! Tis the season. Last weekend was a big one. Clint and Rhonda tied the old knot here in VT. It was a great time. From the photographer (Ben), to the DJ (me) to the minister (Reddick Watson), everyone involved was a close friend of the couple. It was great to see almost all of my favorite people in one place. The ceremony was well done, the dinner was tasty, and the reception was an all night dance fest (thanks in part to yours truly on the 1's and 2's and in part to the never-ending dance machine that is Rhonda literally booing anyone who left early). It went exactly as hoped all the way around. The evening topped off with some well deserved fries and shakes in the parking lot at the 24 hour McD's. Who could ask for anything more.

With people still kicking around VT for the week, some of us decided to go camping. It might shock some of you that I know what camping is at all. I even know how to canoe (see picture). That's me not paddling when I should be. Someone's got to document the fact that I was there. No one would believe me otherwise. What you can't see in the photo is Gus lying down in the canoe. He was a champ. He had never been in a canoe and he couldn't have been better.

So vacation continues for another week here at The Program. Maybe this'll mean more posts, most likely it'll mean more Battlestar Galactica DVD rentals from the library. So say we all.

Sdtk: The sounds of the Pac-Man machine at Neil and Otto's. (I gotta get the internet hooked up in my apt.) Wakawakawakawakawakawaka....

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phoebe said...

Brilliant photo - I love it. :-)