Monday, April 21, 2008

Beat Down

I am beat down. Big weekend in The Manch. 8 Days in April began on Saturday and has been going well. I've been a busy man though. I set up a lot of drumsets (2 actually) and played in 4 bands already. It's fun to be popular (read: music whore), but it's tiring. I'm currently home catching up on my cuff link work and my Dancing With The Stars. I mean, I can't watch The Daily Show exclusively! Although I'm psyched tonight because my favorite Irish politician will be on. I'll post again later with more stories and pics from 8 Days. I have to go vote for Kristi Yamaguchi now.

Sdtk: The sound of my exasperation when I found out NESN was showing stoopid hockey (which is only fun if, you know, you're hammered) instead of the Sox.


GirlTuesday said...

"favourite irish politician."

you have some not favourite ones?

brushfiremedia said...

When NESN was bumping sox for hockey, they were playing the sox game on NESN2 in most markets, even in markets like mine that don't NORMALLY carry NESN2.

Not that that helps you now, but... next time...