Friday, March 23, 2007

Reality check one...

So here it is: blog entry numero uno (I'm not counting the "check one" post). I have to start by thanking The Burger for both inspiring me to finally get my own blog, but also urging me to actually post on it.

So, a little about me for those of you reading this whom I haven't talked to in a while. Well, I'm still living in Middlebury, VT, still playing in The Grift, and I'm newly single. Yes, that's correct. Single. Let's just say it's been a tumultuous year. Some strikes, but mostly gutters. I'd have to say one of the shittiest years on record for yours truly. Let's not concentrate on the gutters though. Let's talk about some of the strikes.

For example, Gus was born.
I'd have to say that was the highlight of my year. He's a great dog. I mean, how could you not love that face?

I also got to travel some with The Grift. Besides our normal excursions to the South and Midwest, we got to go to Jamaica, Ireland, and we just got back from Jamaica again a few days ago. Yeah, but Fitzy, how was Jamaica?

Jamaica was a lot of fun. we were down there playing at Margaritaville for one week of college spring break. Last year we were there for two weeks, but I think one week was actually better. We stayed right on the property and it made things a lot easier and cheaper. Everything seemed a little less organized this year, but it was still fun. The shows rocked and we all felt like rock stars if only for a little while. For those of you wondering, and you know who you are, this year's "Boobwatch" numbers were up. I saw 19 unique pairs of unrestricted breasts this year for an average of 5.2 boobs a day. Up from last years count of 2.3 bpd.

Unfortunately (read: fortunately) with all the craziness caused by the storm in the Northeast, we were unable to leave on Sunday as planned. After arriving at the airport and waiting in a line that would make Disneyworld jealous, we got to the ticket counter only to find out there was only one seat left on the plane and there were three of us. Reng had already gone home (see Burger link above). So Clint, having a fiance and dogs to go home to decided to take the seat while Peter and I gritted our teeth and prepared to spend ANOTHER 2 days (all the flights were full the next day as well) in Jamaica. The airline said for "volunteering" our seats they would give us a flight voucher and put us up for the 2 days. OK, we said that'll be OK. Just show us to whatever passes for a Motel 6 around here and we'll make it work. Turns out they put us up in an all inclusive resort right on the beach, complete with waterslides, pools, swim up pool bars, and all the food and drink you can stuff yourself with. Someone had to do it. Those pina coladas weren't going to drink themselves.

We finally got back to VT (without our luggage, of course) on Tuesday. Back to reality. Back to all the things I had been putting off dealing with until I got back. Somehow living like a rock star isn't the same as being one. I'm not looking for sympathy. Not after that last story. I'm just venting. Isn't that the point of a blog. An outlet. Well, that's what this will be: my outlet. Hopefully a humorous outlet that will chronicle the life of a newly single sometime rock star and his vast and varied exotic sexual adventures that span the globe. More than likely it'll be posts about a most of the time nerd chronicling how he thought Stephen Colbert was funny last night. So hopefully you'll check it out every once in a while and see where I'm at. Until then, via con dios and via con........


Rian said...

Hey, MCP.

Long time reader, first time commenter. I'm a huge fan, and I hope that boob counter keeps climbing. In fact, we should figure out how to include it in your sidebar. Keep up the good work!

And tell Dillinger I said he can suck it.


phoebe said...

What!? You read my blog but don't list ME as an inspiration for starting yours!?

Burger gets all the glory.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, my friend! :-)