Friday, March 30, 2007

Rock Steady.

So, it's been relatively slow around here in VT lately. Time to settle back into the swing of things before the busy spring and summer. We've only had a couple shows since Jamaica, both at The Perfect Wife, where we play every Wed. night. This week, with Mr. Peter Day in Florida, I got to step up to the bass again and our friend Russ Lawton stepped up and (as usual) killed it on the drums. It was a really fun show. Not only because I got to play bass again, but it was just grooving. The Wife is also like our second home at this point and we feel real comfortable there. That lends itself to a sense of freedom that we use to stretch out and take some chances on tunes that we normally wouldn't. Also, as a bass player playing with Russ, I can lay back a lot more and just sit in the pocket. Don't get me wrong, I can be as busy a bass player as any and enjoy it, but there's something special about finding the groove and just riding it.

I've also been watching a lot of movies. I went and saw 300 last week. It was really good. It was a lot like Braveheart, minus Catherine McCormack (sigh). It did, however, have much better action and a better overall look. It was like watching a moving comic book. Say what you want about green screen movies, but they always look good. I mean even Star Wars: Episode 1 looked good.

Despite being a non-CGI movie, Children of Men also looked good. Sure it was more or less depressing as hell, but it was a very well done movie. It showed a very bleek, yet very possible future. Kind of like Blade Runner, minus the temporal pastiche and Harrison Ford (sigh). The DVD extras, while worth watching, didn't lighten the mood very much. There were several philosophers and cultural experts talking about the possibility of such a future occuring. It was all very interesting, but afterwards I needed to either start drinking or play with a kitten or something. Instead I watched the Daily Show...but we'll save that for another time.

Soundtrack to this post: DJ Day - The Day Before (no relation to Peter)


CDG said...

Welcome, welcome to BlogLand. The water's fine... Caught your link at the Burger: yay! Any hope for some public Boston dates from the band? Haven't seen y'all since you provided my cakebuilding soundtrack at Al's wedding last summer!

phoebe said...

Alright, I was going to post this on my blog, but instead, I'll post it here. MOMP and Vallonetone (can I call you VT for short?), you have GOT to coordinate your dates better!

Twice now - I repeat - TWICE now, The Grift has come to Boston the exact same night as MOMP has a party. And since MOMP sends out her party invitations about 14 months in advance, I'm already committed to her shin-dig before I even hear about the Grift being in Beantown.

Coordinate, people!