Friday, April 13, 2007

Get With The Program

I've been thinking lately that I'm a little jealous of my friend over at The Burger. Not because he lives where it is currently not snowing and not because he has a new fly ride. It's because he's got such a good nickname for his blog. I've decided I need one as well. I thought about the possible permutations: I could go with "G.P." or maybe "The Greeter". I think, however, I've settled on "The Program". Sure, it's a little ominous and not nearly as intrinsically funny as "The Burger", but I like it. It also fits the general theme of nerdiness that I've cultivated so far in this blog. So there we have it.

So I have to share a proud moment for me that happened last night. I went out to Two Bros. Tavern to watch Honeywell play. Honeywell is a Grift side project made up of Clint, Pete, and Russ, with an occasional sit-in by yours truly from The Program (what a great nickname!) and if we're lucky, Rhonda Jean. Well, I was sitting at the bar chatting up this very lovely young lady (you know how I do) and we were fortunate enough to have Rhonda up on the mic singing a banging rendition of "You Outta Know" by Alanis Morissette. So they just finish the song and the girl turns to me and says, "I don't know what it is about that song that just makes me horny!" At which point, I promptly stand up on my chair and yell "PLAY IT AGAIN!" Ha! Of course no one near me got the joke, but I was nonetheless proud of myself.

Some great shows since I posted last. Some more burners at The Wife with Russ again on drums. Look to see some mp3s of tunes from those shows going up on The Grift site. Also a fun show at The Monkey House in Burlington (ok - Winooski) with our friend Ethan West filling in for a temporarily sidelined Clint. We called Ethan a couple hours before the show and he pulled up his boot straps, slung up his guitar, and straight killed it.

This weekend it's "on the road again" for The Program with shows in RI and MA. Til next time...

Soundtrack to this post: Horatio - "Lyme" ("But the night was over, but the night was over. Too much debating and hesitating. But the night was over, but the night was over. Too much revision and indesicion.") Classic.

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