Monday, August 20, 2007

Burn Out.

Whew! It's been a while since I posted last and I haven't even noticed the time go by. I have been slammed with all the things going on. We've played A LOT of shows recently of all kinds: weddings, bars, clubs, outdoor, big stage, small stage...which have been fun, but a little taxing on the body (you know, with all the late night hooker and blow parties we have). I've also been learning about 50 songs for a couple gigs I have coming up as a hired gun. It's fun to pick up the bass again, but still just piling on top of the general feeling I have of bread left in the toaster too long. I'm not complaining so much as venting. Releasing a little steam before I get back to work and learn some more tunes for the week's shows. They should be good one's though. We're playing with The Laura Thomas Band in VT, Boston, and NYC. Good times. Hopefully I'll get some pictures for my next post. Until then...

Sdtk: Common - "The People"


Rian said...

Let me try to energize you:

Aaaaannnnnddd nooooowww:


phoebe said...

Lol. Nice one, Burger.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow night in Cambridge, Program!