Monday, July 30, 2007

No Band Is An Island...

...unless that band's 6" stage is surrounded by 4" of water. You always hear about flash flood warnings, but who really pays attention? I will from now on. We were at a wedding in the Northeast Kingdom of VT this weekend when thunderstorms of biblical proportion took over. One minute I was dealing with a dripping tent, the next I was pulling anything off stage onto the stage to avoid it being completely submerged in water. There's really nothing you like to see more than your power strip completely underwater. Luckily we got everything out of the water safely, I think. We'll see the next time we plug it in.
So Pete and I are standing there on stage thinking hanging out in a pool of water during a thunderstorm is probably a bad idea. However, as you can see from the picture, the bar was also surrounded by the water, as was the dance floor and the food, so most everyone else was not taking the same precautions. That was until lightning struck somewhere close by and everyone in the water got shocked. Nothing severe, but enough to close down any hope of an impromptu pool party.
The rain eventually stopped and the water receded enough for us to pack away all of our nonessential gear. We ended up moving onto the porch, rocking out, and saving the day.

Sdtk: Michael Connelly - "Chasing the Dime" (as read by Alfred Molina)


Rian said...

You have angered Poseidon!!

You must atone by traveling to the sea (the Pacific), playing in the sand, and then attending a Marty and Elayne show. You must request "Somewhere Beyond the Sea," and sing along quietly to yourself.

Do not hesitate.

Tawny said...

ah...potential total disaster saved by the Grift! Rock on! Please keep the rain away when you play at our wedding (and yes you will even if you havent been officially informed-well partly because we have no set date yet). Glad you all faired well though. -future Mrs Bloom