Monday, January 14, 2008

I HATE The Giants!

It's true. I do. For those of you who don't know, I'm a Cowboys fan. I'm also a Pats fan, which presented some problems earlier in the season. I was hoping it was going to present some problems for the Super Bowl. Now I'll have no such problems thanks to the Cowboys beating themselves while playing the Giants. I won't go into specifics about that last sentence except to say: who slows down their route in the End Zone when you're down by 7 at the end of the game?!? Crayton... I'm looking in your direction...

Anyways, I would rather have not made the playoff than have to lose to the fucking Giants. For those of you who don't follow football, the Giants are the football equivalent of the Yankees. You might think since the Jest play in the same conference as the Pats, they would be the NFL Yankee doppelganger. The NY Jets are really more like the Mets: they're so inconsistent season to season, that they pretty much only have fans inside the NY metro region (and Long Island, but who cares about Long Island?). The Giants on the other hand have obnoxious fans all over New England (and New Jersey, 'nuff said). I'm not saying that Cowboys fans can't be obnoxious too, but this is MY blog, dammit.

So now it's Pats all the way, relieving me of some tough introspection I would have to do if it was a Cowboys/Pats Sooper Bowl. You'd think I'd thank the Giants for helping me out with that. Well, you'd be wrong.

Sdtk.: The sound of my teeth grinding that ENTIRE FUCKING GAME!!


The Burger said...

I was thinking of you, man. I promise you, if the Pats can get by the scarrry Chargers (if trash-talking was a tight end that could catch, they'd really have something), and the Giants somehow roll through Lambeau field (I predict they false-start and delay-of-game themselves all the way back to Gary, IN), then we'll happily dispose of the g-men (what does that G really stand for, anyway?) for you in the big game.

brushfiremedia said...

Wasn't Crayton the one who was jawing after the Pats beat up the Cows (That's what my son calls them...) back in week 7 or whatever it was? "If they get to Arizona, we'll see 'em then and we'll beat 'em then. IF they get there."

If who gets there?

phoebe said...

So Program, did your head explode yesterday? I was thinking of you.