Sunday, July 27, 2008

G's up, Ho's down

That's right. I'm back. Just as I started writing this Snoop Dogg came up on iTunes so I might have to take writing breaks to dance a little.

So, It's been a while. Sorry to all my readers for the prolonged absence. There was a lot going on to write about, but I just didn't feel like it. Not in so much that I didn't feel like WRITING, but I didn't feel like writing about myself. I was just bored with myself. Do you ever get that? Bored with everything about yourself: your likes, your dislikes, feeling lonely, feeling like you need some time alone, your brokeness, your music, your apt, etc. I finally got to where I was bored of being bored. Also, we started playing weddings and some actual money started rolling in. I can't explain how much everyone's outlook changes for the better when we're actually making money. Not having the stress of playing chess with your bills to get them all paid is a significant boost to the system. So what is going on?

Well, it's summer so that means wedding season. Woo Hoo! We've played some pretty fun weddings so far. Last weekend was at The Round Barn in Waitsfield. It's our favorite place to play weddings by far. They just have their shit together at such a higher level than anywhere else and they're really nice. Also, there was the added bonus of my favorite bartender from Waitsfield (who I have a secret crush on - shh, don't tell) working the wedding. The people attending the wedding were really nice, but not so much the dancing crowd. Belting out "Don't Stop Believing" to 100 people sitting down ranks among the stranger things I've done in my career. But, we gots paid, so that makes up for a lot.

I also finally got a practice drum kit for my apt. Drums are such a physical instrument that it's kind of hard to really practice with out a set. Practice pads are helpful, but only when there's not a kit around. So I'm looking forward to some serious practice sessions most likely resulting in my over-use of Carter Beauford-esque fills in my shows from now on.

What else, you ask? Well, I officially turned 33 last Monday (look for a separate post about that) and got to go home to Rochester/Syracuse. That was a lot of fun. Got to see the fam, my bros. new gianormous house, and The Dark Knight (seen it twice already and probably going for #3 soon!).

That's it for now. Look for my tribute to the number 33 coming soon.

SDTK: Currently iTunes shuffle is playing "Man From The Past" by Tower of Power

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