Friday, August 15, 2008


I just made an amazing discovery: my TV has Picture-in-Picture!!! I tried the buttons a YEAR ago when I first got cable in my apartment and they didn't work. Or so I thought. It turns out you just have to press on them harder than you might think at first. I found this out by dropping the remote on my end table and poof! up pops the magic screen. It also works with the DVR. I can now watch taped Daily Shows while keeping an eye on the Red Sox. Currently I'm watching my first Pre-Season NFL game and the Olympics at the SAME TIME!! I love it. Truly, truly love it. So much so that I'm not even mad I haven't discovered it until now.

Also, I am way into the Olympics at this point. I had to record last nights women's gymnastics all-around and watch it today.

SDTK: "You gotta be kidding me?! Picture-in-Picture?!" (Minor dance party ensues)

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