Monday, November 17, 2008

Doppel Ganger

So the new album is done...sort of. We still have to mix and master it and come up with the artwork. All very important and time intensive things, but it's hard to be patient when all of my work is done. Patience, grasshopper.

Also, I'm trying to motivate to pack for my move back to Burlington. My self-imposed hermitage in Middlebury has been nice, but it's time to move back and rejoin society (read: hang out with girls). So, I'm moving up this week sometime (I hope). I've started packing a little, but have reached the point where it's a little overwhelming figuring out what to do next. I'd really like to go through everything I own and thin the herd as I go but I'm pretty much at the level of motivation where I throw everything in garbage bags, load up the trailer, and sort it all out when I get there. Is that wrong?

SDTK: La Fille D'Autostop - Das Grift


fibby said...

I did a lot of sorting before moving back east, but still had A LOT of crap. When I moved bedrooms over the summer, my rule was that I couldn't put anything away in my new room until I had sorted through it. I ended up with 3 garbage bags of clothes to donate, two bags of trash, and a bag of paper recycling. It felt good.

jeff said...

That's my problem: I can't just throw stuff away. It would be easy to take the 300 T-shirts I don't need and toss them, but I feel obligated to donate/recycle all the stuff I don't want. Unfortunately I never actually motivate to do this and am thus saddled with so much stuff.

David said...

It's not "throwing it away" if you just "leave it in plastic bags in the driveway." With a note that says "free."

GirlTuesday said...

das grift. ha.