Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 21st, A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Hello again. It's been an event filled time here at The Program. On the 21st I turned the big 32! Now for some of you, that might not seem like that significant of a number, and in all honesty it's not. However, for those of us still indulging in our adolescent fantasy of rock stardom, 32 is pushing it. Really pushing it. Also on the 21st was our fifth Do the Deck in West Addison. It was a great day to be outside surrounded by friends and family, playing music, swimming, and eating cake (it was my birthday after all - not that I need an excuse to eat cake). The weather this year had to be the best yet. Sunny but not too hot and not raining for 8 hours straight.
I also received the new Harry Potter book on my birthday (thanks Jess!). I decided not to open it that day because I had so much to do. If I had started to read it right away, I would have spent all day inside missing my own party. As I know now having finished the 750 page book on Tuesday, it would have been worth it. I won't give anything away, I'm no spoiler, but I will say I liked it. Like the last 2 books it was slow at times, but finished strong.
Now on to an action packed August! Someone pass me my Geritol...

Sdtk: The ever-present construction noises of summer in VT. Are they repaving the whole freaking state?!?

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Meesh said...

You failed to mention that you were very grouchy on Saturday despite the cake and sunshine. Why? Because you were being forced to play music when you could have been at home reading Harry Potter! : )

Just teasing. Love ya, old man. It was indeed a stellar day!