Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nerd Alert!

So my brother got me a Playstation game for my birthday. Thanks Jon for a very good and thoughtful gift. The catch is that it's not the latest 1st person shooter or "Run Over Pimps and Ho's in Tanks 3". It's not even as mild mannered as golf. Yes, it's a crossword puzzle game. While the rest of the world is using their Playstations to destroy Gozer and Zuul with Nuclear Accelerator Packs (anyone?), I am doing crossword puzzles. Now maybe you all can help me figure out which is more nerdy: the fact that my brother thought it would be an appropriate gift for me OR the jolt of excitement I felt when I unwrapped it.

Sdtk: "Cleanin' Up The Town" - The Bus Boys


Rian said...

When they come to my house, the fish stop swimming.

Jonathan said...

I'm glad you liked your gift sorry I was unable to go to DO the Deck I will try next year. This post was very funny great use of G-Busters trivia.