Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bailout Money

So, I'm sitting here on Jer's couch writing ANOTHER blog entry. Amazing! Yes, I do sit on Jer's couch an awful lot. For those of you who don't know, I still work Mon and Tues in Middlebury. Instead of commuting back and forth to Burlington, I sleep on Jer's couch. I feel like all my years on the road has prepared me well for this.

Anywho, The Grift is in "Bailout Mode". We're trying to get some money to help stimulate the production of our CD. Having spent all our money on making the music side of things, we need more to actually get physical copies of it. So, we've set up a way for people to get digital copies of the album now, before it's released, with the option to get a physical copy later. It's all explained at this handy address: click me!

Although it doesn't say can get the digital download of the album with any donation above $10. So, say, you donate $15, you'll receive the digital now and the physical when it's finally reproduced.

Also, how about that speech last night by Obama. I just liked the way he shook hands in the beginning. Respectful of the magnitude of the occasion but not stifled by the pomp and pageantry. Also, how about the "Republican Response". It's like they forgot that they've been in power for the last 8 years. For a political party that represents the interests of the more privileged sections of the country, they sure do play the victim well. My favorite was when Jindal was talking about the need for privatized health care: "We think Health Care should be between you and your doctor". I could only laugh at that. When in the past 20 years has health care been between you and your doctor without the not-so-subtle guiding hand of for-profit insurance companies. I mean, do Republicans ever actually go to the doctor?

SDTK: J.Geils Band - "Centerfold"

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